Prime Minister John Major and Me

Here I am photographing Prime Minister John Major during a visit to Stroud during a General Election. I like covering election’s because you never know when the eggs will appear.

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Queen’s Front Page

Royal Maundy Service – The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh attended the Royal Maundy Service at Gloucester Cathedral today (Thursday 17/4/2003) where the Queen distributed Maundy Money to 77 men and women after a walkabout in the City centre. Picture shows Paul Nichols presenting the Citizen front page to Colet Saunders.

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I took a few images then went back to the office to process my film. A front page was quickly designed and framed, and I presented it to the Queen’s Secretary who in turn presented it to the Queen during lunch.

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Rose West Court Case

I covered the Fred and Rose West Court case. This is me up my ladder waiting for the various comings and goings. I did chase the van a few times trying to get a picture through the window, but to no avail.

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Gloucester Rugby

Covering Gloucester Rugby in the premiership.


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Tall Ships

Photographer Paul Nicholls photographing the Tall Ships arriving in Gloucester Docks on Friday for this weekends Tall Ships Festival.

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Aerobatics with Vic Norman

Easily the scariest thing I have done. Secured a camera with 28mm lens and fisheye attachment to the wing. The shutter was fired using a long cable release triggered by squeezing a ball. Vic Norman the pilot did a loop the loop and I squeezed the ball at the top of the loop. When we got down I expected to see the camera showing 36 shots had successfully been fired, and was completely gutted to see just one had gone. Rushed back to the darkroom to process my film, and to my relief this was the result. One frame.

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Falcons Parachute Team

This is me with Mike Charity (centre) covering the Falcons Parachute Team, air to air, has they left a Hercules. It was so windy, because the door was open, I could hardly keep the 300mm lens I was using trained on the back of the Hercules. Combine that with slow motor drives, film, slow focusing lenses (I may of focused manually),  I do remember nearly missing the action because once they formed up and jumped it was all over in about a second. Didn’t have the luxury of 9 frames per second in those days.

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Paul Nicholls with 1RGBW Regiment in Kosovo.


This is me in a bullet proof jacket whilst in Kosovo. I walked the streets of Pristina with soldiers, and was told to wear a coat over the jacket so not to become a target for snipers. Whilst attending an incident where soldiers had caught and shot a guy who had murdered a policeman two weeks before, I was told soldiers were still searching for two of his friends and if shooting started ‘Hit the dirt or find a wall’ !!

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Nigel Mansell and Me

One of my own personal hero’s, Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell at a magazine launch with Carl Fogarty in London.

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Brian May and Me

I have photographed literally thousands of celebrities and usually concentrate on just that, but in this age of the selfie it seems that more people are asking their favourite celebrities to pose. Brian May was so relaxed and I had spent some time chatting with him that I did something I just don’t do, I asked him for a picture.

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