A school had won a coupon collecting competition for a trip to Disneyland Paris and I accompanied them. Most stressful trip ever trying to photograph the various kids enjoying Disneyland. Problem was as soon as they got in the park they would disappear in different directions, so every two hours or so I would attach myself to a different small group. I was also on film then so I was carrying a bag full of gear and tons of rolls of film. When I got home I had to fill a supplement so I think I shot around 40 films, all of which had to be processed, filled, scanned and captioned. Nightmare. This picture was also a problem. We were to stop and just look at the Eiffel Tower, so I had to persuade the group and driver I needed five minutes to run off the coach with a child and a Disney character bear. Me, the kid, and mum ran to a spot. I placed her and took a couple of pics before being shouted at by a French Policeman. Translated it was ‘GET OFF THE GRASS’, but I had got my pic and we ran back to the coach. This pic says Disney and Paris and was the most important pic to get.